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Organizers are used in vehicles to store cargo,such as CD’s, maps, paperwork, GPS, pens, garage door openers,etc. Many styles of organizers are available,in order to fit different locations in the vehicle. For example, there are trunk organizers, glove box organizers, seat organizers, and sun visor organizers.

Vehicle organizers are available in plastic, wood, and cloth material depending on the location it is needed. Many vehicles are available with built in organizers,however, they are a popular aftermarket accessory.

The most popular organizers are the type which wrap or clip onto the sun visor,allowing the driver to reach small,lightweight items such as, CD’s, paper, pens,etc.

Seat organizers are also popular,due to their effectiveness,and their ability to be easily installed,and removed. The seat organizer is typically hung from the headrest on the front seat, and hangs behind the seat, which provides storage,and easy access for the passengers in the back seats.

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