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Mud Flaps
Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are used on vehicles,in order to prevent mud and rocks from coming into contact with other vehicles. These flaps are most commonly seen on large trucks and SUV’s but they are also sometimes found on smaller vehicles as well. Larger vehicles are more likely to need mud flaps because they have larger tires with deeper tread that which a better chance of picking up rocks and mud. Mud flaps are placed behind each of the tires because the counter clockwise movement of the tires will fling all the debris in that direction. These flaps are usually used on all of the vehicles tires but some vehicles will only use them on the rear tires since they are the most prone to kicking up the dirt and mud. Using mud flaps should not only be done to protect the vehicle but also to provide an added safety measure for anyone around the vehicle. Flying dirt and rocks can really hurt someone if the tires are spinning at a high enough speed when the item becomes dislodged.

The material used to make mud flaps is usually a hard rubber or plastic. These materials are used because the flap has to be both strong and flimsy at the same time. It is important to use materials that won’t deteriorate when taking a beating because rocks, dirt, and mud are constantly hitting the flap at extremely high speeds. Most mud flaps will hang from the undercarriage so that the flap can absorb the impact of these materials better. Some mud flaps may also be fixed to the undercarriage to provide more of an extension to the wheel well. This is most commonly done on smaller vehicle that don’t have as many debris constantly dishing out punishment.

There is a variety of different kinds of mud flaps that come in many different shapes and sizes. Mud flaps will also likely come with designs or logos imbedded into the flap so that a customized touch can be added to the vehicle. Some companies will actually be able to customize a design on the mud flaps to make it completely unique to whatever the customer wants.

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