Vehicle Miscellaneous Towing Accessories

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Miscellaneous Towing Accessories
Miscellaneous Towing Accessories

There are many types of miscellaneous towing accessories that can be used while towing. Towing accessories are commonly used to increase the look or performance of the vehicle while the trailer is attached. The range of these accessories vary, due to one's personal taste. One of the more popular miscellaneous accessories are covers that go over the hitch or metal trailer components. Having a cover over these components protects against rust and other forms of corrosion that may occur on the metal's surface These covers may also be used while the trailer is in use, in order to protect the trailer's small parts against mud and grime that can affect the trailer's ability to function properly. Mud flaps may also be used as an accessory for the vehicle and/or the trailer in order to prevent mud and grime from coming in to contact with the vehicle.

Another popular miscellaneous accessory commonly used for towing are chains. These chains are used to connect the trailer to the vehicle in order to prevent the vehicle and trailer from being disconnected while towing. It is important that these chains are the correct length to ensure the turning radius in not affected and also that the chains do not touch the ground while towing. Chains or ropes may also be used with a system of rails mounted to the trailer to prevent cargo from moving or shifting.

Who Makes This

CURT Manufacturing LLC

Stromberg Carlson Products

The Stromberg Carlson Lend-a-Hand RV Railings help provide an easier and safer entrance and exit to RVs. The design of the Lend-a-Hand allows the railing to fold towards the body of the RV and lock in place when not in use. When you need to use the Lend-a-Hand just swivel it out without any tools.

Stromberg Carlson Lend-a-Hand RV Railing

The Stromberg Carlson Soft Touch RV Railing is a permanent installation that provides someone entering an RV with a secure railing to assist them. The Soft Touch RV Railing is available in black or white with a finger molded black grip.

Stromberg Carlson Soft Touch RV Railing

This commercial rail line is designed to support the customer who will often use this product. This could be a field trailer, portable restroom, or a support vehicle in a fleet.

Stromberg Carlson Commercial Stainless Steel Railing

Foam Grip Wrap is the perfect replacement grip for any 1” diameter rail. Made from a long lasting Durablend™ foam, this wrap resists sunlight and water while providing excellent cushion.

Stomberg Carlson's foam wrap for handle

These steps extend when you open your RV door, and retract when you close your RV door automatically.

Electric RV steps by Stromberg Carlson

Stromberg Carlson’s fold down RV steps are constructed to be very durable and then layered with powder coating to provide optimal rust resistance. These steps fold with a minimal amount of effort but are still sturdy enough to provide very stable access.

Manual RV steps by Stromberg Carlson

The Adjustable Leg Platform RV Step is made from a durable aluminum with a nonskid tape on the platform surface to keep your foot firmly planted. All the legs fold out easily and extend past the plane of the platform to keep safe and sound traveling while stepping up or down.

Adjustable leg platform by Stromberg Carlson

The Aluminum Platform RV Step is made from a durable aluminum with a nonskid tape on the platform surface to keep your foot firmly planted.

Aluminum platform by Stromberg Carlson

Keep your RV cleaner by knocking off dirt and debris with this open grated tread surface. This step is made from a no rust composite plastic with 4 steel stringers that give it the durability to support up to 500 pounds.

Plastic platform by Stromberg Carlson

This Steel Platform step is made with Hi-grade steel for durability and finished with a powder coat to prevent rusting. All legs extend past the plane of the platform to ensure safe use while going up or down the step.

Steel platform by Stromberg Carlson

The Econo Porch provides great stability for getting into or out of your RV. With 7” rise it is ideal for grandma or the grandkids.

Econo porch by Stromberg Carlson

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