Vehicle Mirrors- Interior

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Mirrors- Interior
Mirrors- Interior

The interior of most vehicles has numerous mirrors, and allows the driver to operate the vehicle safely. The most popular and widely used interior mirror, is the rear view mirror. This mirror is located at the top,and in the center of the front windshield,and allows the driver to see what’s behind the vehicle without taking their eyes off the road. This mirror is typically a few inches high, and about a foot wide, which ensures maximum visibility. The rear view mirror is mounted on a double-swivel mount, which allows it to be adjusted, in order to suit the height of the driver. Some vehicle's have rear view mirrors which have a small screen, which projects a live video feed of the vehicles rear,and blind spots. These screens may also display video of the passengers in the back seats, if the vehicle is equipped with a camera.

In order to reduce glare in the rear view mirror at night, due to other cars' headlights, a prismatic mirror,which has a lever that can be switched from day to night, can be installed. Some vehicles have mirrors with automatic dimming, which senses the time of day ,and adjusts the mirror accordingly.

Another mirror commonly installed in vehicle's is the personal mirror, which is typically located inside the sun visor. Having a mirror in the sun visor is convenient,however should not be used by the driver when operating the vehicle.

Portable mirrors which can be mounted on the dashboard, or elsewhere are popular in larger vehicles,and allow the driver a view of the passengers in the back. These portable mirrors are typically secured with the use of a suction cup or clip,and are easily installed.

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