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Mirrors are a component on a vehicle, which allows for added visibility in hard to see areas of the vehicle. Most vehicles have two external mirrors and they are located towards the front of the door near the window. This position is where mirrors are most commonly found because the side and back of the vehicle can both be seen with a mirror in this position. Having the ability to see things that may creep up in your blind spots will reduce the chances of getting in an accident. Because of the added safety provided by external mirrors, most countries require them to be installed before the vehicle can be driven on public roads. There are other mirrors that may sometimes be used on a vehicle and these can include towing mirrors, automatic dimming rear-view mirror, wide-angle mirror, power mirror and many others. Most of these mirrors are optional which means that they are only mainly used in vehicles that are large and have very big blind spots.

These mirrors come in many different sizes and can have a variety of different features. Many older style vehicles have simple mirrors that are composed of a small piece of glass and a metal housing which protects the glass and secured it to the frame of the vehicle. Modern mirrors are very similar to the older style mirrors with the exception that they are generally bigger and have small features such as built-in lights and electric motors that can reposition the glass inside the mirror with the push of a button. Newer style mirrors may also have features such as automatic dimming and a defroster so that the mirror stays perfectly visible at any time of the day and in the most extreme of weather conditions. The outer housing of a mirror can be made out of many different materials such as ABS plastic, metal, and even fiberglass. Most of these outer shells are painted to match the color of the rest of the vehicle.

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