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Light Bars
Light Bars

Light bars are installed on the top of a vehicle,in order to project a large concentration of light,in a specific direction. These bars are most commonly used on emergency vehicles so that surrounding cars are aware of their presence, but they are also commonly found on off-road vehicles which need high amounts of light in front of the vehicle so that obstacles can be seen. Light bars can be designed to project light outwards in one direction or they can be set up to project light in all directions which is what you commonly see on emergency vehicles. The color of the light inside a light bar will vary depending on what the light will be used for. Older light bars commonly used a bulb style design while many modern bars have drifted towards LED’s because of the added brightness and reliability of the light over time.

Installation of a light bar is a fairly simple a straight forward process because the lights themselves sit on a mounting surface which is designed to attach to a car. This mounting surface is normally bolted or screwed onto the roof so that it won’t budge or move while driving fast or on rough roads. The hardest part about installing a light bar is usually running the wiring from the light to the electrical wiring inside the vehicle. The wiring is normally hooked up so that the light bar can be flipped on with a switch whenever it needs to be used.

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