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Lift Kits
Lift Kits

Lift kits are available in several different configurations. When a vehicle is lifted, better off-road performance, and an enhanced "look", is achieved. Lift kits are available in different sizes, which can perform lifts between 1” to 6”, and sometimes more. Large lift kits typically incorporate all new springs for the vehicle, which is the most effective, and secure method to lift a vehicle. This type of kit includes numerous parts, making this type of kit the most expensive lift kit. Smaller kits, which use blocks, and shackles are available, however, the components in the smaller kits are best used for, minor adjustments to the vehicle's suspension, or leveling the vehicle when its springs are worn, or sagging. Lift kits are a convenient way to purchase everything needed for lifting the vehicle at the same time, while guaranteeing all of the parts needed, are included. The parts included in a lift kit vary, depending on the size of the kit, and which components of the suspension will be replaced, or enhanced, when the lift takes place.

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