Vehicle License Plate Frames & Savers

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License Plate Frames & Savers
License Plate Frames & Savers

License plate frames and savers are used around and/or behind a vehicles license plate. Frames that are used around the license plate are mainly equipped to hide the sharp edges of the license plate and to customize the look of the plain license plate. These frames all come in a universal size but the edges of the frame may have special engravings or cutouts to provide a personalized theme. For example, a foot ball themed license plate frame may have footballs that extend off the frame a bit so that the frame is not just a boring rectangle with painted pictures on it. These frames are made out of many materials such as metal, plastic, and even rubber in some cases. The frame is positioned in front of the license plate and secured with screws which run through the frame and the plate before being secured into the trunk.

License plate savers are a component that mounts to the back of a trailer so that the license plate can be properly mounted to it. Having a license plate saver will allow you to legally mount your license plate higher off the ground so that more clearance can be gained. This will reduce the likelihood of the plate hitting the ground and snapping off which can make for a big hassle down the road. Using a license plate saver also ensures that your plate complies with federal lighting and equipment guidelines so that you don’t get pulled over while driving down the road due to the plate being located in the wrong place. Most license plate savers are made out of plastic but some will also be made out of metal. License plate savers will usually come with all the equipment needed so that it can be mounted to the desired place on the back of the trailer.

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