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Leveling Kit
Leveling Kit

A leveling kit is used on trucks, and ensures the truck remain level, when unloaded. Trucks are built to carry a good deal of weight, in the bed of the truck, or on its hitch, therefore, the suspension differs from the front, than the back. A truck's suspension differs, in order to reduce the possibility of bottoming out, when weight is put on the rear of the vehicle. There are several types of leveling kits. For example, one type of leveling kit, may be installed by placing a spacer on top, or below, the front spring, in order to raise the height of the front of the vehicle, while other kits may have a simpler design, and use shackles, which lower the vehicle's rear suspension.

Leveling kits are beneficial because, they do not require permanent changes to the vehicle's suspension be done unless, cutting the springs is necessary, due to the type of suspension the vehicle has. The amount of time it takes to install a leveling kit varies, due to the complexity of the suspension, and what adjustments are necessary. Most leveling kits do not need to be installed by a professional, and do not require special tools. It is not recommended that a leveling kit be used for the purpose of lifting the vehicle's body because, this type of lift could cause the vehicle to become unstable, and dangerous.

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