Vehicle Leaf Springs- Lift

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Leaf Springs- Lift
Leaf Springs- Lift

Leaf springs are an effective method used to create height on a vehicle. Leaf springs used for lifting vehicle's, have a larger arch, and are longer along the main leaf, than other leaf springs. They provide shock clearance, while adding lift to the vehicle. Adding all new leaf springs is popular, due to the added lift achieved, and the vehicle's performance, and handling, is not sacrificed. Leaf springs are easier, and less expensive, to install, than some other types of lift kits, due to the fact, that factory parts, and mounts are able to be used. The amount of lift able to be achieved, when using leaf springs, ranges from 1” to 6”. The size, and thickness, of the leaf spring needed for lifting, is vehicle specific. For example, using the same size spring, a light weight truck may be lifted 3", where, a heavy truck may only be lifted 1", due to the weight differences of each truck. Using leaf springs to create added height on a vehicle is simple, and the most cost effective method available.

Leaf spring kits are a convenient way to purchase everything needed for lifting the vehicle at the same time, while guaranteeing all of the parts needed, are included. These kits typically include, the leaf springs, u-bolts, nuts, and all hardware needed for installation. Purchasing a kit, ensures that the parts work together, and fit properly.

Small leaf spring suspension kits are also available, and add a little height to the vehicle. This kit, uses leaf spring suspensions, below the springs, in order to add lift. Smaller kits are best used for, minor adjustments to the vehicle's suspension, or leveling the vehicle when its springs are worn, or sagging. A small leaf spring kit could also be added to springs which are not worn, or sagging, to further improve the vehicles performance.

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