Vehicle Leaf Spring Bushings - Lower

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Leaf Spring Bushings - Lower
Leaf Spring Bushings - Lower

A leaf spring bushing is a component on a vehicle, and is fitted to the end of the leaf spring, and secured in place. The bushing is cylindrical, which allows for a snug fit on to the end of the leaf spring. Leaf spring bushings provide shock absorbtion and cushioning, allowing the vehicle to operate smoothly. Leaf spring bushings are typically made from rubber, however, polyurethane is becoming increasingly popular, in leaf spring bushing manufacturing. Rubber is becoming less commonly used, due to the fact, that it degrades over time, which can cause rattling in the suspension, which causes extra wear on the springs/components. Polyurethane, however, remains intact while subjected to harsh elements, which is essential, since the leaf springs are under the vehicle.

When a leaf spring fails, it is imperative to replace all of the leaf springs. If this is not done, a great deal of pressure is put on the rest, causing them to fail. Leaf spring bushings are easily installed, and it is not necessary that they be installed by a professional. They are available in many shapes, and sizes, and fit most vehicles, of which operate with leaf spring suspension.

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