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Lamp Miscellaneous
Lamp Miscellaneous

Lamps are used on vehicles in several areas of the vehicle, due to their ability to provide a concentrated amount of light,without frequent replacement of the lamp. There are four main types of lamps used on today’s automobiles. The lamps used in these different locations will vary in color, size, and brightness because the purpose of all of these different lamps is significantly different.

The most common type of lamp found in a vehicle is the one that is used in the headlights. These lamps are usually the biggest and most powerful out of all of the vehicles lamps because they are used to illuminate a large amount of surrounding area in front of the vehicle so that the driver can see when driving at night or in bad weather conditions. Most headlights will use a lamp but some may use a sealed beam. The difference between the two is that the lamp can get swapped out with a new lamp when it burns out while a beam style headlight requires all the glass and metal surrounding the lamp be replaced as well when it goes out.

There are six different categories of headlight lamps that are commonly found in a vehicle. The most popular out of these six is the standard lamp and it is the best all around performer out of the bunch. The second type of lamp that is commonly found in the headlights is the cold blue lamp and it produces a whiter light than a standard lamp which makes it more helpful in rough weather conditions. The third type of lamp that may be used is the xenon lamp which produces 30% more light than a standard lamp. Over the years an innovation to this type of lamp has been made and the xenon ultra which produces 50% more light than a standard lamp was developed. The last two lamps are the argon and krypton and they are both focused around a longer life-span. These longer lasting lamps will have an extra 50% or more lifespan than a standard lamp which makes them perfect for commercial vehicles that have much higher voltages.

The second main type of lamp that is used in a vehicle is located in the fog lights. These lights may not be found on every type of vehicle because they are typically an added option that can be equipped by the manufacture or as an aftermarket accessory. The type of lamp that is used in a fog light is called a halogen lamp. This type of lamp is useful in bad weather conditions because the light does not reflect off the fog or snow like many other lamps would. This ability to not reflect the light is essential because it could create a glare in the driver's eyes which can cause them to lose control.

The third most common type of lamp on a vehicle is the mini lamp. This particular lamp is commonly used in turn signals, cornering lights, running lights, taillights, and stop lights. Some interior dash lights and courtesy lamps that turn on when you open a door are ran on mini lamps but many modern vehicles have switched to newer style LED lights that are less likely to burn out over time.

The fourth main type of lamp that is found in an automobile is the specialty lamp. These specialty lamps are usually found in added features such as turn signals on the mirror or an added break light. Since these lamps are used in so many different applications, they are available in a wide variety of different colors. Many of these specialty parts use strobe lamps because they have the ability to blink on and off in things such as a turn signal without decreasing the lamps life span.

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