Vehicle Kick Panels

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Kick Panels
Kick Panels

Kick panels are located near the front of the vehicle, in between the firewall and where the front door opens,and near the driver's left foot, and the passenger's right foot. This area of the vehicle's interior is prone to accidental bumping or kicking,and a panel is used,in order to protect the carpeted surface from damage. This panel is typically made from plastic or, wood,which is installed in luxury vehicles.

Kick panels are also a common area in which to house audio speakers and other electrical wiring for the vehicle. Aftermarket panels are available to convert an ordinary panel into a panel which can accommodate a speaker. Installing audio speakers in panels, is popular because the wiring of the speakers is easy, and provides good sound placement for the vehicle. Installing and removing the kick panel is easy,and convenient, and is held in place with clips or screws.

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