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Interior Lights
Interior Lights

Interior vehicle lights gained popularity when vehicle's became equipped with headlights, allowing people to drive at night. These lights make it easier to see components such as the dashboard, gauges, and the seat belt. There are many different types of interior lights used in vehicle today. The main interior lights are those which are used to light the gauges and all of the buttons on the dashboard. These particular lights are so important because they allow the driver to monitor things such as the speed and rpm level while making adjustments with any of the lit up buttons. Interior lights that are inside the gauges and buttons will most likely be set-up to turn on whenever the front headlights are being used. Having these lights setup like this will ensure that they don’t dim over time due to excessive use. Most of the lights which are used in these internal components will be LED’s but some older style vehicles may use mini bulbs instead.

The other main type of interior light is located inside the vehicle on the roof and in the door panels. These lights are designed so that it is easier to get in and out of the vehicle when it is dark. Most of these lights are triggered when the door is opened or when the vehicle is turned on or off. There are also some interior lights that are placed around the passengers. These lights are normally controlled manually and they are most commonly used when looking to find something in the dark vehicle or when reading a book. Some of these lights can be distracting to the driver at night because they can create a glare which can impair the driver’s ability to see clearly out of some windows.

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