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Insulation is used in vehicles due to its ability to reduce sound, and keep temperature fluctuations to a minimum. Insulation is typically installed in between the vehicle's frame and the paneling of the vehicle,which is then further installed on to the vehicle. Many materials are used for insulation, depending on the location where is to be installed. Most of the insulation in the walls and floorboards are a sheeted surface,which is typically non woven polyester fiber. Foam is commonly used in smaller places,due to its ability to expand and seal small compartments.

Insulation limits the amount of noise from the vehicle's engine, suspension, and varying road surfaces,and without it, vehicular travel would be quite uncomfortable. Insulation is also used around the speaker box and air conditioning/heater system,in order to prevent sound from the stereo,or heat from the heater, from damaging other components like wiring, in the vehicle. The installation of insulation is easy, and convenient, and can be shaped to fit most needs.

In high performance vehicles like race cars, fire resistant insulation is often mandatory, in order to race. This is due to the increased risk of fire when using performance accessories such as nitrous.

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