Vehicle Idler Arm

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Idler Arm
Idler Arm

The idler arm, is a component of the steering system, in rear wheel drive vehicles, which have a steering gear box, instead of rack & pinion steering system. The vehicle's tie rods, and drag link, attach to the idler arm, and rotate on its pivot axis. The idler arm works in unison with the pittman arm, at the opposite side of the vehicle, and they ensure that both wheels are being turned equally.

Over time, the idler arm may break down, due to the fact, that it is put under tremendous pressure, when the wheels are turning. The most common signs that the idler arm needs to be replaced is, the vehicle may wander, uneven tire wear, or one tire does not turn at the same pace as, another tire. Regular maintenance of the idler arm, and its fitting, includes greasing, which prevents the metal from wearing out.

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