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A hub is the component on the axle, where the wheels are bolted on. There are typically four hubs on a vehicle, and they are located at the ends of each axle. The hub's purpose is to create a platform, where the wheels are secured, but can be easily removed, in the event of a flat tire. The hub has studs, which protrude out, and allow the holes on the rim, to be attached to the studs, and secured with a lug nut. The number of studs on each wheel varies, depending on the size and weight of the vehicle. Heavy vehicles are likely to have five or more studs, while a smaller vehicle may only have four.

The vehicle's axle, transfers all of the engines torque, and power, through the hub. Because of this, the hub must be made from steel. The design of the vehicle's hub varies, depending on, if it is the hub on the drive wheel, or the hub on a free rolling wheel. The inside of the hub typically has bearings which are heavily lubricated. This allows the wheels to operate freely, without causing the axle to spin. On vehicles which have drum brakes, the drum is attached to the hub, and when pressure is applied to the drum, the vehicle is slowed.

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