Vehicle Hose Clamps & Sleeving

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Hose- Clamps & Sleeving
Hose- Clamps & Sleeving

Hose clamps and sleeves are components which can be installed in any automotive engine. The most common sleeving, is braided stainless steel sleeving. These sleeves are lightweight and can operate at temperatures ranging from -45°F to 302°F. They protect the hoses,as well as the engine,and are designed to resist a variety of automotive fluids, as well as be cut, and are abrasion and UV resistant. Sleeves protect the hose from damage and wear. Clamps are wrappped around the end of the hose, and clamped to the engine, or an accessory’s fluid outtake.

There are variety of clamp designs including spring clamps, wire clamps, screw type clamps, and worm clamps. Spring clamps are rings,made of strong spring metal in the shape of a ring. There are two ends of a spring clamp, which use a set of interlocking teeth,in order to permit movement. Spring clamps are low cost and easy to install and remove, but there is relatively low clamping force so they are better suited for moderate to low pressure applications. Wire clamps are similar to spring clamps, but instead of being made from a band, they are individual pieces of spring-steel wire that wrap around the hose. These clamps are low cost, and simple to install and remove and the clamping force is also for moderate to low pressure applications. There are two types of screw clamps, the longitudinal and the t-type. The longitudinal clamp uses a screw fixed to one side of the clamp band which can either be wire, or a flat metal band, and threads through a captive nut on the other side of the band. Turning the screw at the end pulls the ends closer together. These offer a higher clamping force as well as being easy to use. The t-type clamp uses a screw set at a perpendicular angle to clamp which draws the bands against each other. This has a high potential of clamping force and can also be easily removed or installed. The worm clamps are the most popularly used; worm clamps are a longitudinal screw type that uses the band itself as a screw. The captured screw’s threads engage the slats punched into the band. Using the worm clamp instead of screw threads help the worm clamp to be highly corrosion and debris resistant as well as highly adjustable. It is important to recognize though that if over-torqued the slats can be easily stripped.

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