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Hose- Silicone
Hose- Silicone

Silicone hoses are designed for many manufactured performance vehicles. The most common uses for silicone hoses are in hot or cold air systems, and heating or cooling systems, primarily being used with all the vacuum lines associated with the fuel injection system. Silicone hoses are suitable for the transportation of corrosion inhibitor, anti-freeze solution, air, and water. Most silicone hoses do not deteriorate from oil or fuel splashing, but must be fluorosilicone lined to make the hose suitable for carrying oil or fuel.

Silicone hoses offer flexibility for various pipes and tubes that are made of compounds of silicone rubber. Silicone hoses are also available in reinforced version, by either aramid braided yarn fabric, or integral polyester. This enables the silicone hoses to work at a high degree of temperature and pressure, which rubber hoses alone cannot provide. They are resistant to temperatures ranging from -80°F to 350°F. If desired,the the silicone hose can be wrapped with fiberglass,making it resistant to temperatures up to 500°F. Silicone hoses are also very weather resistant, and offer protection from harsh sunlight, dry conditions, as well as being water resistant. Silicone hoses also offer support in eliminating staining, corrosion within the hose, and the growth of mold and bacteria. This enables the silicone hoses to be extremely durable and reliable. Many owners of high performance vehicles enjoy the attractiveness of the wide variety of colors that have an extremely high gloss finish, while increasing the performance of the automobile.

Silicone hoses come in a wide variety of different shapes and usages. There are a variety of different elbows including both the 45° elbow and elbow transitions (reducer), both 90° elbow and elbow transitions (reducer), and the 135° elbow. There are also couplers, coupler transition (reducers), hump, straight hoses, and vacuum hoses.

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