Vehicle Hose- SS Reinforced/Teflon Line

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Hose- Stainless Steel Reinforced/Teflon Line
Hose- Stainless Steel Reinforced/Teflon Line

Stainless steel reinforced teflon hoses are ideal for maximum performance during both high temperature and high pressure applications, making it most suitable for motor race bikes and race cars, but also is suitable for automobile or marine engines. The teflon line is compatible with all the following fluids; gasoline, diesel and biodiesel fuel, ethanol, methanol, both regular and synthetic engine oil, nitrous oxide, transmission fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid, hydraulic clutch fluid, air conditioning refrigerant, power steering fluid, nitrous oxide, and in both air and water lines. Teflon is chemical resistant, to a wide variety of chemicals but there are a few classes of chemicals that affect teflon. These classes include molten alkali metals and halogenated chemicals. The known molten alkali metals are Sodium and Potassium. Halogenated chemicals that affect teflon are chemicals such as Fluorine Gas, Chlorine Trifluoride, and Freon. Overall though, the stainless steel teflon line is designed to work in most automotive projects.

The stainless steel reinforced teflon hose is designed where the teflon is the inner part of the hose,and made to withstand high temperatures, handle a wide range of chemicals and fluids as listed above, remain clear of corrosion, and be weather resistant. The teflon can withstand temperatures ranging from -100°F to +500°F. Another unique trait of teflon is that few substances are able to stick to teflon. In most cases weather exposure should not affect the lifetime of a teflon product which are generally considered to have a limitless shelf life. The teflon is flexible and strong but when combined with the stainless steel as reinforcement to the teflon, the hose has the capability to routinely operate at pressure as high as 3,000 psi. Therefore the stainless steel reinforced teflon line is an ideal hose for high temperature and pressure applications, as well as offering wide ranging fluid compatibility.

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