Vehicle Hose- SS Reinforced

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Hose- SS Reinforced
Hose- SS Reinforced

The stainless steel reinforced hose is an ideal automotive hose line, and protects against abrasion, as well as allows hose lines to operate at a continuous high pressure and high temperature. Therefore high performance automobiles, race cars, and marine engines are the most likely users of stainless steel reinforced hoses. The most common hoses that receive the stainless steel reinforcement are the oil, fuel, brake, and coolant supply lines.

Stainless steel reinforced hoses have two layers of stainless steel,in order to ensure longevity and durability. The first layer is a partially coverered protective braid of stainless steel. This covers any inner lining of the reinforcement contains. The second layer is a full-coverage outer protective layer of stainless steel that is tightly woven and bonded to reinforce the first layer of protective braid on the hose. The second full-coverage layer is tightly woven and bonded to allow flexibility of the hose line while protecting the hose from abrasions.

The inner lining options available for stainless steel reinforcement hoses are rubber and teflon. The temperature and pressure range varies depending on whether the product used, is rubber or teflon. For both rubber and teflon the usage of a stainless steel reinforcement increases the amount of maximum continuous pressure allotted as well as increases the temperature range.

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