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Hose- Rubber
Hose- Rubber

Rubber hoses are the most common type of hose used in automobiles. There are three layers to most automotive rubber hoses,one being,the “tube” with its job being, to contain the fluid being conveyed, and to resist being broken down by that fluid. If the fluid being contained in the tube undergoes any sudden increase in pressure the tube has its second layer, the “reinforcement” layer. It helps protect the tube from internal pressure and outside forces. The third layer of a typical tube is the “cover” layer, the primary purpose of this layer is to protect the tube from external damage and environmental deterioration. Environmental deterioration like, extreme weather such as high heat, extremely cold temperatures, dryness, and water. Not all automotive rubber hoses have these three layers though. For example, air brake and fuel rubber hoses generally have an oil and grease resistant tube with a synthetic textile yarn as reinforcement. Radiator hoses also vary; they are designed to have a strong resistance to heat, hot water, and ethylene glycol (anti-freeze).

Typical rubber hoses have a temperature range from -29°F to +212° and working pressure up to 50 psi. This also varies on the purpose of the rubber hose; for example radiator hoses typically have the ability to withstand a higher temperature range as well as the fuel injection hose which has a temperature range from -30°F to +300°F.

There are a wide variety of rubber hoses,in order to serve the many different functions of an automobile. Extruded hoses include a brake fluid hose, high/low pressure hose, LPG hose, PU hose, crimped branch hose, fuel hose and radiator hose. Other rubber hoses used are for air cleaners, heater hoses, hump hose connector, and vacuum hoses. Rubber hoses are also used for the power steering hose, which provides hydraulic pressure to all necessary parts of the vehicle. While not as high performance as silicone hoses, teflon hoses, or stainless steel reinforced hoses, rubber hoses are still very effective for basic functions of an automobile.

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