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Hose- Fittings & Adapters- AN
Hose- Fittings & Adapters- AN

Hose fittings and adaptors AN are used when connecting hose ends of either the same, or different sizes, to each other on performance automotive fuel systems. The designation of AN stands for Army/Navy and was for military specifications of hydraulic lines, hose-end connectors, and port adapter fittings. Typically non-performance vehicles use a 45 degree connection which is a male threaded nut that has been used in the automotive industry for over 80 years. 37 degree refers to using AN, which is a single flare that covers 80% of the nose of the fitting and uses a sleeve with a female threaded nut. This has been commonly used by the military and on high performance vehicles since World War 2. AN is a thread that is used to connect tubes carrying fluids to each other as well as to other metal tubing. The sizes of AN range from -2 to -32, with 13 possible options, and the gap between the numbers varying but always increasing. Each size number equates to the outside diameter of the tubing in 1/16th increments. For example a -2AN would have a metal tube outside diameter of 1/8”. A size 32AN has an outside diameter of 2”.

AN fittings are made for all styles of hoses including: stainless steel hoses, braided hoses, rubber hoses, and teflon hoses. They are often made from lightweight aluminum and are available in a variety of colors such as silver, blue, and black. AN fittings can assist in nearly any automotive project with a performance vehicle, there is typically an AN adapter for most connections, between the fittings. Adapters allow connections between different fittings and piping’s whether they are different sizes or whether they are male/female connections, which are able to be connected, using fittings. Adapters are used throughout the vehicle whether in the wheel system, the exhaust system, and sometimes power adapters for electronics.

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