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Automotive Electric Horn
Automotive Electric Horn
Automotive Air Horn
Automotive Air Horn

Horns are sound making devices, which are installed in vehicles,in order to warn pedestrians,other drivers, and animals, of their presence. Horns are commonly found in cars, motorcycles, trains, semi-trucks, and any many other moving objects. All vehicles are now required by law to have a functioning horn in them. There are many different kinds of horns which have been improved over the years to be louder and more effective. The amount of noise a horn produces is measured in decibels. An average vehicle horn produces around 100 decibels. Truck horns usually put out around 100 to 150 decibels. Trains which need to be heard from far away can put out around 175 decibels.

Horns are usually found behind the grille in most cars. Vehicles grilles have always been thought to be designed around the radiator and making sure it is kept cool at all times. But with today’s technology, radiators don’t need specific grilles to get good air flow, which is why grilles are now sometimes build around the horn. Newly designed grilles are made to allow the sound of the horn to escape through without being dampened by the sometimes large bars of the grille.

Electromagnetic horns which are found in most modern automobiles consist of a flexible metal diaphragm, an electromagnetic coil, a switch, and a housing which is used to amplify the sound. When you honk the horn in your vehicle, an electrical current is sent through the coil to make the diaphragm oscillate back and forth. The oscillations cause the air to move through the acoustical housing which produces a loud sound. To produce a noise greater than 90 decibels, more electrical power is consumed then the starter uses. Electric horns use your car battery and look like loudspeakers. Electric horns can be much louder than typical automobile horns. These horns are often used by the police to get the attention of a distracted motorist. These horns are also used a lot in vehicles for custom applications. For example, if you want a horn that can make noises such as a train, then this horn is for you. Some electric horns can be programmed with numerous noises and songs which play when you use the horn.

Air horns are commonly seen at sporting events to announce the end of a quarter. They are usually small cans with a horn-shaped top that emits an extremely loud noise when used. These air horns work by compressing air in a small space. When this pressure is released, it causes the horn to make a very loud noise. Larger air horns use the same principal to operate, but they have a separate tank were air is kept at high pressures. These horns with separate tanks can produce sounds for longer periods of time. Horns with separate tanks can produce louder sounds because there is more air pressure and volume applied to the horn. Vehicles such as ambulances, trains, fire trucks and other large vehicles often use air horns, but anyone can get one for their own car. The horns can be wired for activation directly through the steering wheel just like a regular car horn.

One of the oldest styles of horns is the bulb horn. These were used in early automobiles and usually mounted in the driver side window were it can be easily squeezed to emit the noise when needed. These horns are still seen today for many applications that don’t require as loud of a noise. The bulb horn contains a squeezable bulb that pushed a lot of air through a metal reed producing the sound. These horns are not as commonly used today because they cannot produce the loud noises of modern car horns. Horns can be used singly or two at a time to increase decibel output. Using two horns at the same time is not that effective unless you are using them at different frequencies. Using two regular horns with different frequencies in more perceptive, especially when you are in an environment where there is a lot of background noise. Small vehicles are more likely to only use one horn than a larger vehicle such as a semi-truck.

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