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Hood Cowls
Hood Cowls

A hood cowl is a hood on a vehicle which is modified with one or more air scoops, either protruding from, or integrated into the hood. A hood cowl allows air to be forced quickly and directly into the air inducers and, in turn, into the combustion chambers. This process of forcing air into the engine through holes in the hood is often known as cowl induction. The air is mixed with fuel in the engine’s combustion chamber before it is ignited to create an explosion which pushes the piston back down in the cylinder. When allot of air is introduced into the engine, the explosion that occurs will be bigger which will therefore mean that more power is being produced. Low amounts of air making its way into the combustion chamber can cause the engine to run rich. A rich running engine will be very inefficient and can even stall if the engine becomes flooded.

When installing a hood cowl, it is important to get it perfectly centered so that the maximum amount of air will make its way through the opening. Hood cowls come in a variety of different sizes depending on the personal tastes of the person who owns the vehicle and the amount of air that needs to be sucked though the hole. Positioning of a cowl on the hood is extremely important when looking for a continuous stream of fresh air. The best area of the hood that provides high pressure air flow is near the rear of the hood in front of the windshield because it allows all the air that is running up the hood to be used. Some hood cowls are even placed backwards so that the air bouncing of the windshield will be redirected into the engine.

Hood cowls may be manufactured out of steel, fiberglass, and even carbon fiber. The type of material used is normally personal preference but most people will use the material the matches the rest of their hood or vehicle. Steel hood cowls can be created and modified much easier than the other materials because it can be bent and welded into place. Since installation of a hood cowl can be fairly difficult, some people just prefer to by a brand new hood that has a cowl built into it so that positioning and alignment is guaranteed to be perfect.

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