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Hitch Steps
Hitch Steps

Hitch steps are an accessory which can be used in conjunction with your vehicles hitch to create an extra step which makes getting in and out of your truck bed much easier. These steps are commonly used on trucks because they protect the hitch from damage while providing ease of access into the truck. Hitch steps come in a variety of different lengths and sizes which allows them to be used on vehicles of just about any size. The adapter on the hitch step is usually made for standard 2” hitch receivers but there are some adapters that are made for hitches of other sizes. Once the hitch step is pushed into the hitch receiver, it is held in place by a standard metal pin. Since hitch steps closely match most nerf bars, they are often used to enhance the vehicles appearance. Besides looking like a nerf bar, a hitch steps performs like one and has many of the same features included on a nerf bar. Some of these features include a chrome/powder coated finish, thick wall tubing, and a treaded plastic pad which is located at the top of the bar to provide better traction. Some higher quality hitch steps will include built in lights which hook into the electric trailer adapter to act as an extra brake light. Hitch steps are a great option when looking to get a hitch adapter of some sort because it brings functionality to the vehicle while increasing its overall look.

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