Vehicle Hitch Balls

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Hitch Balls
Hitch Balls

Hitch balls are the part of the hitch assembly where the trailer connects to the hitch. The purpose of the ball is to enable the trailer to pivot on the ball and make the turn with the vehicle as the vehicle is turning. The entire weight of the trailer is put on the ball, so it imperative that it is secured to the hitch mount properly. This is done with a large nut and washer which is torqued to fit tightly. Using a washer and nut also allows the ball to be installed and removed easily with a wrench. The hitch ball, nut, and washer are made from solid steel which provides durability, needed for towing. In order to prevent rust and corrosion, the ball is finished with chrome or zinc. This finish also protects the ball from deep scratches, due to the metal from the trailer pivoting on it. There are three main sizes for hitch balls: 1-7/8", 2" and 2-5/16" diameter. The diameter of the ball needed depends on what type of trailer the hitch is designed for, and how much weight may be towed.

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