Vehicle Headliner & Sun Visors

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Headliner & Sun Visors

The interior roof of a vehicle protects the vehicle's passengers from sun and provides safety in the event of an accident. Luxury items such as sun visors have became standard equipment on many vehicles because of its simple design and many benefits. Both of these components which are part of the vehicles roof work together to make long trips in the car more comfortable and safe.

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Vehicle Headliner


Headliners are used in almost every modern vehicle to cover up the fiberglass or metal roofing. The main purpose of a headliner in a vehicle is to provide an insulation layer between the passengers inside the vehicle and the outside elements. This insulation layer will protect the inside of the vehicle from extreme temperature changes as well as dampen some of the noises present outside of the vehicle. Since passengers are likely to bounce up and hit their head on the roof in a crash, the headliner is used as a safety device to provide added cushion for when this kind of crash occurs. Continue Reading -->

Vehicle Interior Sun Visors

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Sun visors are components that are used in the interior of a vehicle and right above the windshield. Vehicles will commonly have two sun visors which are located on either end of the rear-view mirror so that both the driver and front passenger will have access to one. These sun visors are used for comfort and to block the sun from entering the vehicle. Having the ability to block sun from that portion of the windshield will greatly reduce glare which can get into the drivers eyes and cause a reduction in the driver’s vision. Most sun visors are also capable of turning sideways to block sun that may be beating in through the side windows of the vehicle which can cause the same effects as sun going through the windshield. Continue Reading -->

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