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Headlights are located at the front of a vehicle,and provide visibility at night,and when driving in inclement weather. The performance of these headlights has dramatically increased over the years which has led to less traffic fatalities at night and in bad weather. Because of the added safety features that a headlight has, it is illegal in many countries not to have them installed on the vehicle or to keep them in faulty non-working condition. Other regulations may also be imposed such as how bright the light can be and how many lights can be used.

The size and styling of the headlights has also changed throughout the years. Headlights that are equipped on older style vehicles were likely to have a very simple circular shell that covered one main bulb. This kind of headlight was effective but only produced enough light to see a few feet in front of the vehicle. Newer style headlights are now bigger and more complicated but they do a much better job of projecting the light further in front of the vehicle. These newer style headlights use a light assembly that allows the bulbs to be easily swapped out when they are no longer working. The style of these headlights are meant to improve the lights aerodynamics so that less drag would be created. This means that the bulbs housing was usually located inside the engine compartment which is what made it flush with the rest of the body panels. There are also headlights that are very uniquely shaped. An example of this would be the fold up headlights which would pop up when in use and fold back down when they are not being used.

The type of light used in the headlight is usually a simple bulb but some headlights will use a sealed beam instead. The difference between the two is that the bulb only gets swapped out with a new bulb when it burns out while a beam style headlight requires all the glass and metal surrounding the bulb be replaced as well when it goes out. Headlights will normally just use a standard bulb that is a good all around performer, but a higher performance bulb may be used depending on the vehicle. Many modern vehicles will actually have the best of both worlds by using standard headlight bulbs and having separate lights which are more powerful and can be used when conditions call for them.

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