Vehicle Headlight Guards

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Headlight Guards
Headlight Guards

Headlight guards are components used on a vehicles headlights,in order to protect them any damage. Most headlight covers are very simple and consist of multiple bars which are placed over the headlight. Since not every vehicle is subjected to conditions were a headlight guard is necessary, most manufactures won’t have them installed from the factory. Most vehicles that have a need for headlight guards are large trucks and all terrain vehicles which spend allot of time in those types of environments. These guards are typically made out of metal bars so that they won’t break or bend if something large hits them. Since most headlight guards are made out of metal, they are normally chromed or powder coated to prevent corrosion. These finishes are also used because they enhance the look of the guards on a vehicle.

There are two main types of headlight guards that are commonly used on a vehicle. The first of these guards is a solo guard. This type of headlight guard is fairly small and only covers one individual light. A solo guard is usually secured with screws or mounts which are secured around the perimeter of the headlight. The other type of headlight guard which is actually more popular is a grille guard. Even though this type of guard is meant to cover most of the components on the front-end, it will normally always have guards for both the headlights. The advantage of using a grille guard with headlight guards over a solo guard is that it provides protection for the other components on the front-end as well. A grille guard will usually be easier to install and won’t require any drilling like a solo guard might.

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