Vehicle Headlight Covers & Guards

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Headlight Covers & Guards
Headlight Covers & Guards

Headlight covers and guards are used on vehicles,in order to protect the headlights from any damage,which may occur while driving. Headlight covers are used on just about every vehicle on the road today because it keeps everything away from the light bulb which is extremely fragile. Using a headlight cover can also help direct the light towards a certain direction which is important on a vehicles lights since the object of them is to increase visibility for the driver. Vehicles that do allot of off road driving may have headlight guards which are used to protect the headlight covers from debris which may crack them. Keeping the headlights protected with the use of covers and guards is extremely important so that maximum visibility can be achieved at all times.

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Headlight Covers

Headlight covers are used on vehicles to protect the headlight from the harsh elements commonly encountered while driving. These covers have evolved over the years in their shape and size so that they are less noticeable and easier to remove. Most headlight covers are made out of a durable plastic that is very resistant to cracking or breaking. This plastic cover is shaped so that the light is only reflected towards the front of the vehicle. Besides the covers shape, special reflective material is also normally used towards the rear of the cover because it helps bounce more of the light from the bulb forward. Continue Reading -->

Vehicle Headlight Covers
Headlight Covers

Headlight Guards

Headlight guards are a component that can be used on the vehicles headlights to protect them from damage that can be caused by harsh elements or flying debris. Most headlight covers are very simple and consist of multiple bars which are placed over the headlight. Since not every vehicle is subjected to conditions were a headlight guard is necessary, most manufactures won’t have them installed from the factory. Most vehicles that have a need for headlight guards are large trucks and all terrain vehicles which spend allot of time in those types of environments. These guards are typically made out of metal bars so that they won’t break or bend if something large hits them. Since most headlight guards are made out of metal, they are normally chromed or powder coated to prevent corrosion. These finishes are also used because they enhance the look of the guards on a vehicle. Continue Reading -->

Vehicle Headlight Guards
Headlight Guards

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