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Headlight Covers
Headlight Covers

Headlight covers are used on vehicles,in order to protect the headlights from any damage. These covers have evolved over the years in their shape and size so that they are less noticeable and easier to remove. Most headlight covers are made out of a durable plastic that is very resistant to cracking or breaking. This plastic cover is shaped so that the light is only reflected towards the front of the vehicle. Besides the covers shape, special reflective material is also normally used towards the rear of the cover because it helps bounce more of the light from the bulb forward.

Most modern vehicles have headlight covers that are not very noticeable because they are mostly covered up by the grille and the hood. Once a bulb and its housing are secured to the back of the headlight cover, it is slid into the grille where it is held in place with screws or rods. This method of securing the headlight cover makes it easier to replace light bulbs which can burn out over time.

Aftermarket headlight covers are very popular because they can change the entire look of the vehicle. These new headlight covers will often use a different color plastic so that it matches the tone of the rest of the vehicle. Since headlight covers are made out of plastic that is subjected to harsh elements, fogging up of the lenses over time is a big problem. This is easily seen on older vehicles which may be fogged up so much that the headlight itself is not beaming as much light as it used to. There are many aftermarket buffing kits now available on the market which are designed to clear up the cover again so that the bulbs performance and covers look is no longer effected.

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