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Harnesses & Accessories
Harnesses & Accessories

Harnesses are widely used in high performance vehicles, and offer added safety. These harnesses are used in race cars, or street vehicles, which have been extremely modified. Many racing leagues require a harness to be installed before entering the league, or making a pass down the track. Racing harnesses differ from standard seat belts, due to the fact that they employ 4,5, or 6 connecting points, where standard seat belt have 3 points. The extra connecting points are very effective, and keep the drivers’ body from jolting forward ,in the event of a crash.

The harness has a strap which goes across the lap, and a strap which goes over both shoulders. Having straps over both shoulders keeps the driver safe, when they are at a slanted angle. The harness connects at the buckle, located in between the driver's legs, which allows the straps to be evenly adjusted. The material used to make the harness is strong nylon, and hardened metal for the buckles.

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