Vehicle Grille Shells

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Grille Shells
Grille Shells

A grille shell is a protective barrier which surrounds a vehicle's front grille, in order to protect the grille from any debris. Most of these shells are made out of metal or ABS plastic that is painted or chromed to provide an enhanced look. Grille shells are also used because they cover the rough edges of the grille so that the front end looks sleeker.

The shape and design of a grille shell will vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the shape of the grille itself. Many older style vehicles which have round shaped grilles would use shells that were more noticeable because they didn’t have many other components which surrounded them. Modern day grille shells are usually much larger because they cover the lights and any other accessories that may be on the front end of the vehicle. Replacing the grille shell is common when getting in front end collisions or when looking to enhance the look of the front of your car. The grille shell may need to be replaced when looking to upgrade to a different style grille because the cutouts on the original shell may not match up with the new grille.

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