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Grille Guard
Grille Guard

A grille guard is a component which attaches to the front of a vehicle,in order to protect any components housed in the vehicle's front grill. Using a grille guard is essential when driving allot in rough terrain because most of the front components can be easily damaged by bushes or animals which may suddenly run out in front of the vehicle. To withstand all this punishment that can be thrown at a grille guard, it will likely be made out of thick metal that runs all the way from under the bumper to the bottom of the hood. To protect the smaller components in the grille such as the headlights, thin strips of metal or wire are ran between the thick bars that make up the frame of the grille guard. All of these metal components are either chrome plated or powder coated for a corrosion resistant finish. Having a grille guard with a nice finish like this will also enhance the look of the front of the vehicle.

Since grille guards are extremely heavy and subjected to violent forces when the vehicle slams against something, it is important that it is installed properly so that is doesn’t just snap off when an impact occurs. Almost all grille guards attach to the vehicle though the frame since this is the thickest and most solid component of the vehicle. The guard normally attached to the frame with heavy duty bolts that run through the frame and the guard before being secured with a nut. Since the frame is fairly easy to get to on most vehicles, installing a grille guard is a fairly simple process that can be done at home with only a few basic tools.

Some grille guards are designed to allow easier installation of aftermarket accessories. One of the most popular accessories that are attached to a grille guard is extra lights. These lights are normally mounted on one of the guard bars so that the driver can see better when out on a trail in the dark. Another popular accessory that can be mounted to some grille guards is a winch. This is a popular place for a winch because the secure connection of the grille guard and the frame means that the winch can pull allot of weight without having to worry about ripping off any component of the vehicle.

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