Vehicle Grab Bars / Handles

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Grab Bars / Handles
Grab Bars / Handles

Grab bars and handles are installed in vehicles,and allow passengers to easily move about the vehicle. These handles are most commonly used on the interior roof because that is the place that most people grab for when they are looking for more support. Grab bars and handles are most commonly used when getting in or out of the vehicle as well as when the vehicle takes sharp turns and support is needed so that people can stay firmly seated.

The shape and size of a grip bar or handle will vary greatly depending on its location. Most of these handles or bars that are located throughout the vehicle will be no larger than an average size door handle but some may be much larger or smaller. Vehicles were a large handle is needed may be something like a fire truck or delivery truck. These types of vehicles are more likely to have different sized bars and handles because they are used in situations where people are constantly hopping on or off them.

The design of a grab bar or handle can be very simple or complex depending on what the vehicle is going to be used for. Many of today’s vehicles have complex handles that fold up when not being used. This folded design is better for small places because it reduces the chance of someone hitting their head on the bar when moving around in the car. The materials used to make grab bars and handles will often be plastic, metal, and even some fabrics and leather. Heavy duty handles that are made out of metal will more than likely be used outside on applications were the handle is being constantly used. Installation of a grab bar or handle is normally really easy and only requires tightening of screws or pins.

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