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Gauge Face
Gauge Face

The gauge face informs the driver of speed,engine temperature,and oil pressure, and is typically located in front of the steering wheel,and mounted in to the vehicle's dash. The gauge's needles ride over the gauge face to display an accurate reading to the driver. Gauge faces are commonly replaced with aftermarket gauges, which are often easier to read. Gauge faces are available in kits, or an individual gauge.

Strong materials such as polycarbonate which is thin and light,is used in the manufacturing of gauge faces. Gauge faces are available in a variety of colors and layouts,and are vehicle specific. For example, a gauge face which has four separate gauges,must be replaced with a gauge face with four gauges.

The installation of gauge face may be difficult,and may need to be done by a professional. The majority of recently made gauge faces will accommodate the factory components such as, the needles and housing. Since the gauge face is an encased housing, it is important not to get fingerprints or dust on the gauge face during installation. Many gauge faces are available with gloves,and it is recommended they be used at the time of installation. Since the needles are removed when installing a new gauge face, it is important that they are installed in the proper position, to ensure a correct readout.

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