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Gap Guards
Gap Guards

A gap guard is used in a truck's wheel well,and covers up the gap created when the truck's body is lifted up, off the chassis. Using a guard will fix that unsightly undercarriage that you will get a glimpse of every time you walk by your lifted truck. Besides making the truck look better, the gap guard will also prevent dirt and rocks from being kicked up under the truck which can damage some of the delicate components that are housed under there.

The shape and size of a gap guard will vary greatly depending on the type of truck you have, size of the wheel well, size of the tires, and the increase in height of the lift kit. Since there are so many variables in finding a perfect fitting gap guard, many people will buy a larger size model and custom fit it to their truck. The simplicity of a gap guard also means that people who are good at making things will be able to throw one together by themselves at home with minimal materials needed.

Most gap guards are made out of a very strong rubber material which won’t rip or degrade as rocks and dirt are constantly kicked at it. The rubber guard is held in place with clips or screws which are secured into the wheel well. When installing gap guards, it is important to ensure that the suspension is completely extended so that the guard is not ripped apart once weight is taken off the truck. Since the suspension will flex when while driving, a material such as rubber that will bend with the suspension has to be used in the guard’s construction.

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