Vehicle Front Deck Cover

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Front Deck Cover
Front Deck Cover

Front deck covers are a mat like cover, which is placed on top of the dashboard,in order to protect the plastic, or rubber surface underneath, from cracking, warping, and discoloring. These covers are custom fit for each vehicle to accommodate components such as vents, gauges, and other parts that may be particular to the vehicles dashboard. Using a front deck cover reduces glare from the sun,and eliminates the haze created when heat rises near the front deck and gasses are emitted making visibility difficult.

A non-shrinking needle punch carpet which is extremely durable, is typically used in the manufacturing of the front deck carpet. Front deck carpet is available in many colors,in order to match the vehicle's interior. The front deck cover is secured with the use of a non slip bottom, zigzag seams, and often times a system of hook/loop, and fasteners. When the front deck cover needs cleaning, it is easily vacuumed, or removed.

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Dash Designs Inc

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