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Front Bumpers
Front Bumpers

A front bumper is used on the front of a vehicle,in order to increase passenger safety,in the event of a front-end collision. Front bumpers were first used in the 1960’s and they became mandatory in 1971 when a law was passed which required them to be installed on all new vehicles. This law required the bumpers to withstand an impact at 5 miles per hour, but the speed was later reduced to 2.5 miles per hour to take some of the burden of the manufacturers. Over the years, front bumpers have evolved from a large piece of metal, to plastic materials which can be concealed.

The front bumpers that are commonly found on older vehicles and trucks are large steel bumpers that connect to the frame with steel brackets. This type of bumper is still used on modern trucks because it is strong enough to attach an accessory like a winch. Full metal bumpers will normally come finished in chrome which enhances the vehicles look and adds a strong coating that will repel corrosion. Full metal bumpers have seen less use over the years because they don’t absorb impact as well as some of the newer bumper designs.

Modern vehicles have front bumpers, that consist of many different components. The internal components on these modern front bumpers which adds protection is a strip of rubber or foam. These materials are designed to withstand an impact so that the full force is not directed into the vehicles frame. An outer shell called the bumper cover, is used over this material to increase the vehicle's appearance and protect the foam or rubber from deteriorating in harsh elements. This cover is molded into many shapes, which is why many modern front bumpers will flow with the rest of the vehicle's body. Many front bumpers have lights and air vents cut into them,in order to enhance the vehicles look appearance and increase its performance. When a vehicle is in a front-end collision, these front bumpers are designed to bend or crack depending on how hard the hit is. This means that a plastic bumper will most likely be able to escape a light collision with little to no damage. After a collision, this type of front bumper can be easily replaced because the cover is held in place with screws, bolts, or clips.

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