Vehicle Fog Lights

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Fog Lights
Fog Lights

Fog lights are installed on vehicles in order to increase the driver’s visibility while driving in foggy conditions. These lights typically don’t come standard on every new vehicle but they are commonly added as an option or installed later on as an aftermarket accessory. Fog lights are found underneath the factory head lamp beams. There is usually one installed on either side of the vehicle to make up a total of two fog lights on the front end of the vehicle, but more aftermarket fog lights may be added down the road if the vehicle encounters conditions that warrant them allot. Since these types of lights are mounted so low, some cars and trucks that don’t have certain body styling may have a hard time fitting them in the front body panels. Many aftermarket fog lights are designed to be mounted to components like the bumper or other aftermarket accessories that may have mounting spots for lights and other accessories.

The type of bulb which is used inside a fog light is what helps increase visibility while driving through fog. The bulb that is used in a fog light is called a halogen bulb and it produces a different kind of light that doesn’t reflect or bounce off the fog. The ability of this light to penetrate the thick fog is what increases the drives visibility. Driving with other lights that don’t have the ability to penetrate the fog can actually be a bad idea because the light from those will often reflect back into the drivers eyes and make the situation even worse. Fog lights are usually fairly small and they are normally encased in a circle or rectangular housing.

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