Vehicle Floor Console - Custom

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Floor Console - Custom
Floor Console - Custom

Custom floor consoles can be installed in most vehicles which have a significant amount of space in between the vehicle's seats,and are available in many sizes,and shapes,and provide added storage for cd's,sunglasses,pens,change,and cupholders. Custom floor consoles ensures that there is no interference between the console, and other components such as arm rests and the vehicle's shifter. Custom floor consoles are made for specific vehicles, and are guaranteed to accommodate any bumps,ridges, or mounting brackets on the floor which would otherwise make a universal console unstable.

Most custom floor consoles are made of light and durable materials, such as heavy duty plastic or wood. These consoles may be covered with leather or carpet to blend the console,with the rest of the interior components in the vehicle. Many floor consoles are high enough off the floor to act as an arm rest for both the driver and passenger,and look as if they are factory installed.

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