Vehicle Fifth Wheel Hitch

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Fifth Wheel Hitch
Fifth Wheel Hitch

Fifth wheel hitches are used in trucks that tow large loads which are too heavy for a conventional hitch. The fifth wheel hitch is mounted to the bed of the truck and the chassis which is located just below the truck bed. Rails are commonly installed to ensure that the length of the trailer can be accommodated, no matter where the fifth wheel is positioned in the bed. Having this rail system allows the hitch to be removed when not in use. The fifth wheel hitch is commonly used for towing large boats or RV's that weigh in excess of 15,000 pounds. Many sizes and styles of fifth wheel hitches are available, in order to accommodate many different types of loads.

The fifth wheel hitch is very similar to the type of hitch that a semi truck has. The fifth wheel hitch requires backing into it, in order to attach the hitch to the truck. Rubber is used to provide cushion and to prevent damage to the hitch and/or its components during the connection process. When backing into the trailer, the tailgate may need to be removed or replaced with a tailgate that provides clearance for the trailers hook. The installation of the fifth wheel hitch in the bed of the truck allows for sharper turns without the trailer touching the truck's bumper. The trailer will not touch the truck's bumper because the front part of the trailer has enough clearance to swing over both sides of the bed rails of the truck. The metal components on most fifth wheel hitches are coated with a high strength polyester powder coating which prevents corrosion and rust on high traffic areas of the hitch.

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