Vehicle Extruded Aluminum Running Boards

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Extruded Aluminum Running Boards
Extruded Aluminum Running Boards

Extruded aluminum running boards are a heavy gauge running board made from an extruded aluminum construction. The extruded aluminum construction gives the vehicle a heavy duty running board while providing a traditional styling and strength. The extruded aluminum running board come in direct fit full size that runs from wheel well to wheel well, or a two piece set for trucks splitting at the cab and the box depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle being installed onto. The running boards come with end caps at each end of the running board to protect the running board and the vehicle from stones and road debris. The running boards are secured to the truck by a bracket system.

To secure your footing year ‘round on the running boards, grit tape or an all-weather material is available and easy to install and are available in a variety of finishes. The grit tape is available in full length and a two piece application to make sure for superior footing while entering and exiting the vehicle. The Running boards also helps keep the interior of the vehicle clean year ‘round by allowing the owner and passengers to remove any unwanted debris before entering the vehicle.

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