Vehicle Emblems / Nameplates

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Emblems / Nameplates
Emblems / Nameplates

Emblems and nameplates are used throughout a vehicle,in order to display information about the vehicle. For example, the logo of the manufacture is usually put on the front of most vehicles to represent what kind of car it is. These emblems and nameplates are commonly found on the hood, door panels, trunk, and on interior components of the vehicle. These emblems come in many different sizes depending on where it is located. Most emblems and nameplates are made out of either plastic or metal depending on the quality and type of vehicle. Almost all older vehicles used metal in the emblems construction while modern cars have all but switched to plastic because of its durability, cost, and resistance towards corrosion.

New emblems and nameplates are mainly purchased to replace ones that have broken or fallen off the vehicle. These aftermarket emblems are also used allot to stick on a vehicle to make it look better. For example, a high performance emblem such as a GT sign may be added to on a non gt mustang so that it still has the same eye appeal but without the performance. New nameplates and emblems are usually held in place with clips, screws, or adhesive tape. Because of this, installation of these components is fairly simple and strait forward.

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