Vehicle Dual Shock Kit

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Dual Shock Kit
Dual Shock Kit

Dual shock kits add additional shocks, to a vehicle's suspension and provide increased performance. When multiple shocks on each side of the axle are applied, the pressure on the shocks is greatly reduced and the life span of the shocks is prolonged. Multiple shocks are unnecessary for standard vehicles, however, they are essential for vehicles which travel off- road. The shocks on off road vehicles receive a great amount of strain and pressure due to the conditions in which these vehicles are driven.

There are many types of dual shock kits. A typical kit includes, new shocks, mounts, bolts/nuts, bars or brackets, all of which are needed for installation. Most vehicles are not designed for the addition of multiple shocks, but for those vehicle's that are, these kits are easily bolted on to the vehicle, due to the inclusion of additional bars and mounts. When larger tires are added to the vehicle, it is important to replace the old shocks with new shocks, that have the ability to compress and expand properly, with the new angles created by the larger tire. Dual shock kits come with new shocks which are used to replace the old shocks. By replacing the old shocks, it ensures that the new shocks will get an even amount of wear.

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