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Driving gloves provide at least three functions; grip, increased feel of the road while driving, and protection from debris, or heat. Driving gloves are mandatory, due to their tactile advantages, for drivers handling a race car, near the point, of possible adhesion. Made from soft leather, driving gloves are unlined, with external seams, and seamless on the inside, which allows for sensitivity for the driver's hands, and allows information from the steering wheel, and the tires' connection to the road, to be sent to the driver.

Many driving gloves feature open knuckles, with an open back, for maximum flexibility, ventilation, and to reduce stress on the soft, thin, tightly fitted, leather. For ventilation, small holes are added to the fingers, and palms of the gloves. Short cuffs on the gloves allow for free movement, and a stud fastener closure on the back, ensures proper fit around the wrist, allowing the driver an unobstructed view of the chronograph.

Racing gloves are designed for protection against heat, and flames, and are for drivers in automobile competitions. There are rules for race car drivers attire, and gloves must have cuffs, in order to provide shielding from heat, in conjunction with the driver's suit. Most racing gloves are made from Nomex, a flame-resistant material which was developed by DuPont, in the early 1960s.

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