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Driving Apparel
Driving Apparel

Driver apparel is used in many racing leagues, and offers many benefits for the driver, as well as many safety features. Most driving apparel consists of clothing, which is flame retardant, which is beneficial in the event of a fire. Driving shoes are also a popular driving apparel item, and mandatory in some racing leagues. Driving shoes are specifically designed, for the driver's comfort, and allow the driver to easily grip the desired pedal. Many high performance race cars have small pedals, which makes a small, thin, fitted shoe very effective.

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Vehicle Driving Gloves

Driving gloves.jpg
Driver’s gloves fulfill at least three functions: grip, increased feel of the road, and protection. True driving gloves can be identified by the fact that they offer tactile advantages to drivers handling a car near the limits of adhesion. Made of soft leather, drivers gloves are unlined with external seams, which makes them seamless inside so as not to interfere with the sensitivity of the drivers touch on the steering wheel, and subsequently information from where the tire contacts the road. Continue Reading -->

Vehicle Driving Shoes

Driving Shoes
Driving Shoes

Driving shoes are used by professional drivers who spend countless hours in a vehicle and need to drive perfect the entire time. These shoes help them do that by adding comfort and making it easier to step on the desired petal without having to worry about stepping on multiple petals at the same time. Driving shoes are different from regular tennis shoes because they are super thin and tend to cover both the drivers feet and ankle. Since the design of these shoes is so thin, they are often custom made to the driver’s foot to form a perfect fit. This thin fitted design helps the foot breath better which will further increase the drivers comfort. Continue Reading -->

Vehicle Driving Suits

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A race car driver’s suit is a protective outer layer of clothing that is fire resistant. Modern driving suits implement a combination of different material to achieve the goals that the manufacture is looking for. Driving suits are rated in two different ways: the SFI rating and the Thermal Protective Performance, or TPP. NASCAR requires a minimum of a 1-layer suit with underwear or a SFI 3.2A/5 without underwear. See the SFI and TPP rating chart below. Continue Reading -->


Helmets are designed to dissipate impact energy over the entire surface to prevent debris from puncturing it. There are full-face helmets, that cover the entire head and wraps around the mouth and chin, and open face helmets, which only covers the head. Most drivers that wear an open-face helmet also wear protective goggles. Continue Reading -->

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