Vehicle Door Sill & Entry Guards

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Door Sill & Entry Guard
Door Sill & Entry Guard

Door sill and entry guards, are used in vehicles,and protect the door sill from scratches and scuffs. This area of the vehicle is especially prone to being scratched and scuffed, because dirt and rocks may fall off the passenger’s shoes as they enter the vehicle. As the door closes, it traps any particles that are near the door sill,causing scratching. Protecting the door's sill is recommended for off road vehicles in particular, due to the amount of dirt and rocks, which these vehicle's encounter. Door sill protectors, and guards are available in sets of two or four, depending whether the vehicle is a sedan or coupe. They are installed by, connecting them to the door sill with 3M acrylic foam tape, which provides a sturdy connection, without damaging the vehicle's paint. Some early model door sill protectors, may have screws,which attach the protectors,and may require drilling if there are no pre-drilled holes in place.

There are many door sill protectors available,in a variety of lengths and materials. Most guards are made out of plastic or aluminum,and when customizing a vehicle,designs or logos can be engraved on the protectors.

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