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Door Panels
Door Panels

Door panels are used in vehicles on each door,in order to hold and house components like the door handle, door lock, speakers, and small buttons used to operate electrical components in the vehicle. Most vehicles will have two or four door panels, depending on the amount of doors located on the vehicle. The door panel in the first piece of interior seen when opening the vehicle's door, and its shape and the material used, represents the vehicles interior. The shape and size of the panel depends on the type of vehicle and number of components installed in the panel. For example, a panel with only a few buttons and a handle, is much slimmer than a panel,which has many buttons. Door panels will often have an arm rest attached to them, which provides extra comfort and support to the driver or passengers.

Vehicle door panels are available in plastic, wood, and metal,which some older vehicles employ. They are covered with leather or a carpeted material which provides added comfort. Door panels are screwed into the vehicle's door frame, and are easily removed for maintenance of the wires,and components in which they house.

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